UAS provides on demand aerial mapping, surveillance and inspection services employing a high value network of aircraft, sensors, image processing and communications across industries where quality, speed, accuracy, and endurance are paramount.

Services We Offer

  • Aerial Surveys and Mapping
  • Oil and Gas pipeline inspection
  • Powerline Inspections
  • Precision agriculture
  • Security and Threat Management
  • Tactical Surveillance

Benefits of our Service

  • FAA Approved for Commercial applications.
  • Significant cost savings over traditional methods. Conceived from the beginning as an affordable “Best Practice” solution to provide state of the art surveillance data deliverables.
  • Improve personnel safety with real-time situational awareness.
  • Robust platforms that can be deployed in less than ideal weather conditions and hazardous environments eliminating human risk.
  • Best in class high endurance airborne platforms capable of round the clock operation.
  • Highly trained, expert personnel to manage every aspect of the mission.

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