The UAS System

A complete system of advanced sensors and image processing capabilities joined with fully customizable airborne platforms to meet your difficult mission requirements. The system is comprised of command and control elements, communications, as well as unmanned aircraft deployed with advanced EO/IR/MSI payloads.

Unmanned Aircraft


    Vertical landing and takeoff platform (VTOL) offers a low risk launch and retrieval for confined missions from any environment.
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    Long endurance fixed wing aircraft. The Sentry is equipped with state of the art avionics, an electronic fuel injected powerplant, onboard power generation and advanced sensors.
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Ground Data Terminal

The ground data terminal (GDT) is an array equipment that facilitates command and control of the unmanned assets. The system is responsible for managing communication, displaying real time telemetry and imaging and serves as the command bridge for the operator.

  • Multi-display, mission management for fail safe flight operation, payload control and target localization.
  • Capable of simultaneously managing multiple aircraft. Aircraft can be "handed off" station to station.
  • Rich TCP/IP infrastructure facilitating remote control and operation for distributed management.
  • Advanced image processing and management for real time operator digital video enhancement.
  • Redundant communications using line of sight RF and satellite.
  • Advanced tracking antenna technology with GPS based pointing.
  • Ruggedized and tested equipment for operation in less than ideal environments.